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We are the Camp for Climate Action in the city of Augsburg (Klimacamp Augsburg or Augsburger Klimacamp). Augsburg is an old city with Roman origin, the place with the most public holidays in all of Germany, with around 300,000 inhabitants the third biggest city in Bavaria and the twenty-third biggest city in Germany.

The camp started on July 1th, 2020 and hence is the oldest climate camp of its kind in existence. The camp is a place of protest, activism, networking, teaching, learning and politics. Activists from all over Germany and even some other European countries have visited and stayed for some nights. Some went back home and started similar projects there. Some stayed in contact.

So far we have won every legal battle that threatened the existence of the camp. The plan is to stay until our demands are fulfilled or we run out of strength. There have to be two people in the camp at any time so that our camp is legally protected by the freedom of assembly and we can stay against the wishes of the city. In the beginning, we thought that we might be able to keep this up for a few days. With the support of many people (including lawyers) we have been able to maintain the camp for more than one and half year. The circle of supporters of the camp includes people of various age groups and all levels of education from schoolchildren to postdocs.

Our Demands

We echo a number of demands of scientists to the local government of Augsburg. These demands refer to climate justice, the transition to renewable energy, changes to the mobility sector in Augsburg, safeguards for local ecosystems and other policies.

Our demands are written under Forderungen in German and we try to provide a detailled translation and explanation of our demands in English over the next few weeks.


At times the climate camp has a packed program of panel discussions, lectures, talks and other events. COVID, the weather and the fact that all events are organised by volunteers put limitations on the program that we are able to offer. Guests of events of the camp include scientists, climate activists, representatives of green citizen energy associations and politicians of local, state and federal level among others.

History of the camp

The climate camp started on 01.07.2020 in protest of a federal law, which extended the phase-out of coal until 2038 and gave huge sums of money to coal companies. The camp was located directly next to Augsburg‘s famous town hall. Because of insufficient climate policies by our local government, we soon extended our demands and wrote them in an open letter to the city council. Friendly visits of our new neighbors in the town hall were met with calling the police and threatening the removal of the camp. The legal battle is still ongoing but until now every court has confirmed our right to continue the camp.


In autumn 2020 the city commissioned a study on possible measures for climate protection in Augsburg. Although we appreciate the commissioning of the study, our impression is that in the following year the city government used the incomplete study as a pretext for rejecting many good proposals for climate protection measures.

In the beginning of 2021 the city accepted one of our demands. The city accepted that 9.7 million tons of CO₂ is a fair carbon budget that Augsburg should strieve to adhere to.

Autumn 2021 saw the publication of the study commissioned by the city. The suggestions of the study are mostly compatible and in some cases even identical to our demands.

In December 2021 we had to move from the Fischmarkt between the town hall and the Perlachturm to the Moritzplatz 300 meters to the south. The reason for this was a report on the structural stability of the Perlachturm and the risk of stones from the tower hitting the camp. We plan to go back to our old location as soon as the danger is gone.

Our plans for the future are to

  • win the remaining legal battles against the presence of the camp,
  • remind the city officials of our demands and the findings of the study that they themselves commissioned
  • and continue to inform the public and work as a networking platform for climate activists.

Even if at one point we lose the ability to maintain the camp, we strieve to maintain our activity in other forms. The camp is already far more than a collection of tents.

An incomplete list of past events in and around the camp can be found under Programm & Tagebuch written in German.

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We treat COVID seriously and have rules regarding masks, distance and the usage of tents and sleeping berth.